Webinar: The Future of The Recruitment Industry

The future of the Recruitment Industry

Deecido CEO and founder, Thomas Hollen and member of the board, Mads Kamp, recently participated in an inspiring discussion regarding The Future of the Recruitment Industry, hosted by keynote speaker and Talent Management Advisor, Nickas Pyrdol.

Questioned by Nicklas Pyrdol, Mads Kamp answered the following:

“I think a part of the part of the challenge is, that even companies who wanted to choose their suppliers based on objective data, have been unable to do so. The data has simply not existed.”

– Mads Kamp.

The recruitment industry will soon need to adopt a new way of working, to deliver on the goals and expectations of their customers, by being more transparent about the entire recruitment process and their individual researchers availability and performance.

In the near future, together with Deecido, companies will incorporate new and challenging KPI’s to their recruitment partners, similar to other suppliers, that are associated with high costs and direct business impact.

Watch the full webinar in Danish below: