Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions.

What is the price for receiving offers?

There are no costs associated with submitting a request and receiving 3 offers. If you however need access to Premium features such as managing your frame agreements, custom questionnaires, custom terms and access to our advanced analytics, there will be a small fee associated with accepted offers. Contact us for more information.

Do I have to accept any offers?

You have no obligations to accept any of the 3 offers you receive, after submitting your assignment.

How long time does it take to submit a request?

Creating a new request can be done in less than 5 minutes and only requires information that you presumably already have available, e.g., job description, budget, salary, location of workplace etc.

How many offers will I receive?

You will receive 3 relevant offers from the best qualified recruitment partners, which can be easily compared in our comparison overview.

How fast will I receive the offers?

You will receive 3 offers after 3 business days.

Can I choose to only receive offers from our preferred recruitment partners?

Hiring Companies with access to our Premium features can do this by selecting a customized frame agreement for their requests, which only includes the preferred partners of their choice. This means that only the most relevant Recruitment Partners who are currently employed at the preferred partners, will be exposed to new requests.

Can we use our own business terms?

Hiring Companies with access to our Premium features can do this by creating their own custom business terms and selecting these when submitting a request. If custom business terms are not used, Deecido Terms & Conditions will be applied.

Is no-cure-no-pay available as an option towards RECRUITMENT PARTNERS?

This method of working is not supported by Deecido, as we believe this will negatively influence the quality of the delivery.

Can you explain your algorithm to find the best individual Recruitment Partners?

Recruitment Partners are matched with assignments by analyzing data collected by Deecido, to ensure an unbiased selection.

These data include feedback from other companies and candidates, combined with ratings from previously completed assignments, that matches the organization level, job industry and category.

Furthermore, we look at the Recruitment Partner’s language skills, the region they are working from, and their offered price and guarantee.


There are no required integrations with any HR systems and our platform is easily accessible as a cloud service at  

How do you collect data?

We collect non-sensitive and non-personal data by sending out rating surveys by e-mail, to Hiring Managers and candidates, once a recruitment assignment is marked as complete.

Is the solution GDPR compliant?

Deecido does not collect or process any personal information about any candidates or the recruitment process.

When an assignment is marked as complete, Hiring Managers have an option to send anonymous rating surveys to candidates of their choice, by entering their e-mail address.

E-mail addresses are automatically deleted after 30 days.