Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions.

Why should I sign up on Deecido?

We offer a series of unique opportunities to Recruitment Partners and Agencies, who strive to deliver high quality work to their customers.

Together with Deecido you can:

Win new business

Brand yourself and the recruitment agency

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Minimize your customer churn

Document your delivery quality

What is the price for using the platform?

There are no costs associated with creating a profile and sending offers. If you however win an assignment, you will be charged a commission of 10% of the amount defined in your offer. The commission will be invoiced to the Recruitment Agency that you represent.

Information about our Terms & Conditions can be found here:

Terms & Conditions and Terms for Starter – Recruiters

Why do I need to register a profile?

Requests from Hiring Companies are matched with your individual profile, more specifically your personal ratings and qualifications, and not the Recruitment Agency that you represent.

Which conditions apply when I submit an offer and enter an agreement with a company?

Unless otherwise specified during the offer proces, Deecido
Terms & Conditions will be applied when entering an agreement with a company. Deecido Terms & Conditions regulates areas such as payment installments, exclusivity on candidate ownership, cancellation of assignment and more. 

Companies with access to our Premium features have the possibility to apply their own Terms & Conditions for their recruitment requests. Terms & Conditions for each request will be displayed for your review, before an offer can be submitted.


Which companies are submitting requests on your platform?

Deecido is available for free, for both small medium sized companies and large enterprises. The platform is available as a global service, but our primary activity during this time resides within the Nordic region. 

Companies on Deecido will typically submit requests to find candidates for management and specialist positions, with an average budget of about EUR 16.000. Executive search is not an area of our focus.

Can you explain your algorithm to find the best individual Recruitment Partners?

Recruitment Partners are matched with assignments by analyzing data collected by Deecido, to ensure an unbiased selection.

These data include feedback from other companies and candidates, combined with ratings from previously completed assignments, that matches the organization level, job industry and category.

Furthermore, we look at the Recruitment Partner’s language skills, the region they are working from, and their offered price and guarantee.

How often will I receive new leads?

This depends on how well established your individual profile is and the number of requests that are published on Deecido, which match your experience, qualifications, and budget range.

How do I get data on my profile from the start?

You have the opportunity to invite up to 10 previous clients to help you get started. After these credits are used, you will only be able to receive ratings from assignments completed through Deecido.

The client data you provide from previously completed assignments is anonymous and will not be visible to anyone else on the platform.

The ratings you receive during this process will be associated with your Deecido profile and will give you data, which Deecido can use to match you with requests and potential clients can use to make their decision.

What if I get a new job in another agency?

We recommend that you sign up with a personal e-mail address in case you change employer in the future. If you get a new job you can submit a change request to a new agency.

In the scenario where you are de-linked from your current employer by their administrator, you are unable to receive requests and submit offers, until you represent a new Recruitment Agency.

All the ratings you have received on Deecido, will still be linked to your personal recruiter profile, and follow you in the future.

Can I do future business with companies outside the platform?

Deecido does not prevent you from doing business with companies you have won assignments from through the platform.

We do however not recommend a direct sales approach towards such companies, as they are interested in each of their recruitment assignments being exposed to competition through Deecido.

Companies are not allowed to accept an offer outside of the platform, if the offer in question was submitted through Deecido.

Can anyone see my public profile?

Your profile is only visible to Hiring Companies, if you decide to submit an offer for a request you have been matched with or if you choose to have a public profile and share it.

When do I pay my commission on won assignments?

The commission will be invoiced 7 days after your offer is accepted.

Information about our Terms & Conditions can be found here:

Terms & Conditions and Terms for Starter – Recruiters

What if the recruitment assignment is cancelled?

If the recruitment assignment is cancelled in the middle of the process and you do not have the opportunity to send the final invoice, Deecido will refund an equal percentage of the commission.