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How to become more successful when working with external Recruitment Partners

How do I find the right recruitment agency?

Our studies from February 2024 show that it’s critical to find the right individual Recruitment Partner (Consultant within an agency), who has worked within the same job category recently and has the best possible candidate network. 

Deecido is created to help companies find and collaborate with the best matching individual recruitment partners in the market, while getting the best price, guarantee and a unique quality assurance of the recruitment process. 

What does it cost to use a recruitment agency?

The typical market price for an end-to-end recruitment process is between 15 and 25% of a yearly gross salary. When using Deecido you will be able to create a mini-tender in just a few minutes, which will expose your assignment to competition, with the best matching recruitment partners offering you a fair and competitive fixed price and a longer guarantee on the hire.

Who are the best headhunters/recruitment partners?

There are many great Recruitment Partners in the market, but if you’re looking for the best, you will need to be more specific and tell us which kind of job you are trying to fill. For example in which industry and in which geographical area etc. 

The best headhunter within IT is typically not the same as the best headhunter within Sales.
If you want to find the best individual Recruitment Partner in the market, who can showcase great ratings from similar assignments with relevant clients within your industry, Deecido is here to help you acheive that.

What is most important when choosing a recruitment agency?

Based on a survey from February 2024, the most important factor for a successful recruitment process, is the Recruitment Partner having access to the best candidates. 

61% of the HR Managers who were a part of the survey answered that this was the most important factor. 21% also replied that great communication and the ability to keep you updated during the process was second most relevant. 12% replied that a dedicated consultant and a quick recruitment process would be third most important factor. 

How do i measure candidate satisfaction when using a recruitment agency?

There are many products available to measure candidate experience when the candidates apply directly to the hiring company. There is however often a “black box” when it comes to candidates who are sourced by external recruitment agencies. You can easily find stories on Linked-in from candidates, who have had terrible experiences and its common knowledge, that many candidates are not getting the attention they deserve.

All jobs that are posted on Deecido have a candidate survey enabled, so the candidates are asked how their experience were with the Recruitment Partner but also how the hiring company performed during the interviews.

Can I book my prefered recruitment partner directly with Deecido?

Yes, you’re not forced to expose your assignment to market competition and initiate the mini tender, if you already know which Recruitment Partner you want to collaborate with.

The benefits of booking your recruitment partner directly through Deecido, is that you receive a structured recruitment process with weekly status updates connected to the assignment on Deecido. Furthermore, you will receive a comprehensive quality report with data from 360° surveys, when the assignment is finalized.

The report has valuable feedback about you company brand, salary benchmarks, time-to-hire, candidate experience feedback and much more. Remember it is free to post your job on Deecido and book your preferred  Recruitment Partner.

Why are there so many different business terms when working with recruitment agencies?

There are as many variations of term sheets (T&C’s) as there are recruitment agencies in the market and this makes it difficult for hiring companies to understand and compare agency offers directly against each other.

When using Deecido there is a standardized term sheet which all our Recruitment Partner must accept, in order to submit an offer to an assignment. This means that you save time while not having to read through multiple term sheets from all the different Recruitment Partners.

Hiring Companies with access to our Premium features can create their own custom term sheets and select these when submitting a request. If custom term sheets are not used, Deecido standard Terms & Conditions will be applied.