Expose your preferred recruitment partners to competition and get the right recruiter with the right price and the best candidate guarantee


Tender workflow

Register your current frame agreements and terms in just minutes and receive the most competitive proposals, by exposing requests in a mini-tender format to your preferred partners.

When accepting the final proposal, Deecido will generate a legally binding agreement approved by both parties.

Our selection algorithm shortlists the best proposals based on quality, guarantee and price. The final decision is made by the hiring manager.

Benchmark and KPI tracking

Leverage data to set challenging KPI´s towards your preferred partners and review their performance based on delivery results. 

Measure ROI on recruitment agency spend and performance.

Compare agencies based on their recruiters accumulated results and use Deecido to identify the most relevant partners

Watch how Deecido can help your organization

Deecido will provide your organisation with performance data, NPS scores and ratings on both individual recruiters as well as recruitment agencies enabling you to get the right price and most important, the right recruiter for a specific assignment.


The Workflow

Making a request in just minutes will get you the most competitive proposals within 72 Hours.

Our workflow is co-created with more than 30 large organizations in the Nordics. Our matching algorithm, content and reports are designed to support procurement and talent acquisition processes 

Partner management

Manage all your preferred recruitment partners and frame agreements in Deecido.

Ensure compliance by only publishing your requests towards the best matching individual recruiters employed by your preferred partners. 

Expose your preferred partners to competition and make your decision from the most competitive proposals

Global Compliance

Deecido is designed to ensure that your organisation always uses your preferred partners for all recruitment assignments thus it is the only way to get data and feedback

valuable insights

Use Deecido to measure ROI on recruitment agency spend and performance.

View key hiring data and metrics, such as NPS scores, candidate feedback, time to hire and diversity reports

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