Terms and conditions

This is deecidos standard terms and conditions

HR & Talent Acquisition






These terms and conditions (hereafter shortened to “T&Cs”) regulates the recruitment terms, which applies to "Recruitment Requests" on Deecido. 


In the event that the Hiring Company has added their own customized T&Cs for a "Recruitment Request", these will at any given time supersede the T&Cs by Deecido. 

Changes to T&Cs: Deecido reserves the right to change the T&Cs related to the Terms of Recruitment Services. In that case, the T&Cs will be updated on Deecido.com and our users will be informed of the change via e-mail. 


Users will be notified about changes to T&Cs at least 10 days before they enter into force.




Deecido definitions – with regards to the T&Cs, the following words and phrases are defined as below:


Hiring Company” 

refers to the legal entity/Company which the “Hiring Manager” represents. 

Hiring Manager” 

refers to the individual, working for the “Hiring Company” and on behalf of the “Hiring Company” wants to engage with potential “Recruitment Partners”.


Recruitment Agency” 

refers to the legal entity/Company where the “Recruitment Partner" is employed. 

Recruitment Partner” 

refers to the individual, who receives relevant Recruitment Requests from “Hiring Managers” and who can offer their services in specific offers sent through Deecido. 


Refers to the individual(s) who is presented to the “Hiring Company” as part of a “Recruitment Assignment”. 

Recruitment Request” 

is the non-binding request made by Hiring Managers in order to get offers from the most relevant Recruitment Partners for a Recruitment Assignment. 

Recruitment Assignment” 

is the assignment, which the Hiring Manager needs relevant offers for. 

"Recruitment Service"

is the service delivered by the Recruitment Partner.

"Recruitment Process"

is a guideline of the recruitment methodology

An Offer” 

is a binding and standardized offer made by “The Recruitment Partner” based on a “Recruitment Request” from a Hiring Manager. 

Accepted Offer” 

is when the Hiring Manager accepts the Offer from the “Recruitment Partner/Recruiter”. 

Recruitment Fee” 

Is the total price based on the “Accepted Offer”. 

Declined Offer” 

is when the Hiring Manager choose to not engage with the “Recruitment Partner and rejects the offer”. 


is both Hiring Managers and Recruitment Partners using the platform.

“Engage or Engagement” 

Is the use, receipt, or benefit of the Candidate or any of the Candidate’s personnel’s services directly or indirectly by the Hiring Company or any third party or through any other entity to whom the Hiring Company provided any confidential information about a Candidate or Candidate personnel, whether on a full time or part-time basis, permanent or temporary, whether under a contract of service, employment contracting; or by or through an agency, license, partnership or any other arrangement.


The Recruitment Service is designed to culminate in the hiring of one or more candidates described in the Recruitment Request. Unlike a Sourcing process, which solely delivers a pool of candidates, the Recruitment Service guarantees the hiring of candidate(s), subject to the Recruitment Process set forth below.

This Recruitment Process serves as a guideline and sets expectations for both the Recruitment Partner and the Hiring Company, ensuring both parties are aligned on the recruitment methodology and outcomes. Adjustments may be implemented.


The Recruitment Process will initiate with a startup meeting between the Hiring Manager and the Recruitment Partner. During this meeting, both parties will collaboratively define the job description and the candidate profile, setting the foundation for the recruitment activities.


The Recruitment Partner will identify potential candidates that match the job and candidate profile established in the startup meeting.


Candidates will undergo interviews conducted by the Recruitment Partner to evaluate their suitability and fit for the position. Various profiling tools may be utilized to assess each candidate thoroughly if described in the Offer by the Recruitment Partner.



Suitable candidates who are approved by the Hiring Manager will be presented in a meeting, wherein detailed discussions of each candidate's qualifications and fit for the role will take place.



The final hiring decision will be made by the Hiring Manager based on the assessments and presentations provided by the Recruitment Partner.


The Hiring Company shall pay the Recruitment Fee according to the offered price in the Deecido offer. Deecido operates an escrow payment system to facilitate secure and efficient transactions between the Hiring Company and the Recruitment Agency.

The Recruitment Partner is responsible for determining his or her fixed price in the presented Offer on Deecido, while it is the decision of the Hiring Manager, if they want to accept the offer at that price. The Recruitment Fee is always based on the Accepted Offer in Deecido. All offers are Inclusive all additional costs, such as transportation, expenses, job advertising, tests, assessments i.e.

Payments of the Recruitment Fee received from the Hiring Company will be made available to the Recruitment Agency through 3 installments, following a 3-day verification period post receipt. This delay is intended to ensure all transaction conditions are satisfactorily met before funds are made available to the Recruitment Agency. The Recruitment Agency will be notified upon payment verification by Deecido and is then required to submit an invoice to Deecido for the services rendered.

The Recruitment Fee is payable in 3 installments: one third of the fee is chargeable and payable when the Hiring Manager accepts the offer from the Recruitment Partner, which generates a legally binding agreement between the two parties and gives instructions to the Recruitment Partner to act on its behalf; one third of the fee is chargeable and payable when the Hiring Manager has received a shortlist of one or more Candidates for interview; and the final balance of the fee is chargeable and payable when a Candidate provides written acceptance of the Hiring Company’s offer. Each installment is non-refundable. Deecido will deduct a 10% commission of Recruitment Fee from the first installment, according to the Terms of Starter Subscription for Recruitment Partners.

Should the Hiring Company engage an additional candidate from the shortlist provided by the Recruitment Agency during the Candidate Ownership period as defined in the Terms and Conditions, both the Hiring Company and the Recruitment Agency are required to notify Deecido of the hire.

Upon notification of an additional hire, Deecido will issue an invoice to the Hiring Company for the agreed-upon fee associated with the additional hire, following the stipulations outlined in the Candidate Ownership clause of the Terms and Conditions. Deecido will deduct a 10% commission of Recruitment Fee on additional hires according to the Terms of Starter Subscription for Recruitment Partners.

Deecido will manage the receipt and disbursement of payments related to additional hires, ensuring compliance with the financial terms agreed upon for the initial engagement, thus maintaining consistency and transparency in all hiring transactions facilitated during the Candidate Ownership period.

Both parties agree to adhere to the terms as stipulated in this agreement. Deecido reserves the right to withhold the release of funds pending verification of compliance with the agreed-upon terms.

In the event of a dispute regarding payment or services rendered, Deecido will hold the disputed amount in escrow until the dispute is resolved in accordance with the procedures outlined in this agreement.

By engaging with the "Recruitment Service" facilitated by Deecido and agreeing to these Fee and Payment Conditions, both the Hiring Company and the Recruitment Agency commit to the process defined herein for the management and disbursement of payments.

All amounts are excl. VAT. The Recruitment Partner always needs to be associated with a Recruitment Agency with a VAT nr. (legal entity) to win Recruitment Assignments in Deecido.

The payment terms for each installment are 8 days net cash and invoices need to be electronically sent to info@deecido.com



The Guarantee period is defined by the Recruitment Partner as a part of the Offer sent through Deecido. The specific terms regarding the Guarantee are governed by Deecido. 

If an Applicant leaves the Hiring Company’s employment within the guarantee period defined in the Deecido offer, the Recruitment Agency will provide a replacement employment for no additional fee. 

This provided that (i) all the Hiring Company’s installments have been paid by the due dates; (ii) the Recruitment Agency has received a written notification by email within 7 days of the Applicant’s departure; (iii) the termination is not due to redundancy or a material change in the job description; and (iv) the Hiring Company does not re-Engage the Applicant in any capacity in the following 12 months, If the Hiring Company does re-engage the Applicant, the Hiring Company shall pay the Recruitment Company a full Recruitment Fee based on the Offer price in Deecido. 



Where a Hiring Manager appoints the Recruitment Partner to provide Recruitment Services it shall do so on an exclusive basis. If, despite the provisions of this section, the Hiring Company engages a person, other than an applicant, to fulfil a role in relation to which it has appointed the Recruitment Partner (irrespective of whether the person is sourced from a third party, by the Hiring Company or whether the person is or was previously engaged by the Hiring Company or otherwise) it shall, in relation to such Engagement, pay the Recruitment Partner the agreed Recruitment Fee that would have been payable, had such person been introduced by the Recruitment Partner. 




If the Hiring Company Engages any of the other Candidates or refers a Candidate on to a third party who subsequently Engages such Candidate, who was introduced by the Recruitment Agency during the Recruitment Process at any time between the introduction of such Candidates and a period following the appointment of the successful Candidate, the Hiring Company shall pay the Recruitment Agency a percentage of the agreed Recruitment fee relating to such Engagement. The percentage fee and the period are defined in the Offer from the Recruitment Partner. It is the Hiring Company’s responsibility to notify the Recruitment Agency of the Hiring Company’s involvement at the time of the referral. 

If two Recruitment Agencies submit the same candidate, the Recruitment Fee should go to the Recruitment Agency that first submitted the candidate so that the Hiring Company don’t pay two fees for the same candidate placement. 

It is the Hiring Company’s duty to inform the Recruitment Partner about a candidate ownership conflict as soon as the conflicting candidate is introduced.



If the Hiring Company withdraws the instruction to the Recruitment Partner to proceed with the Recruitment assignment before the Hiring Manager has received and approved a shortlist of Candidates for presentation, or materially alters its instructions submitted to the Recruitment Partner in the Recruitment Request once the Recruitment Process has started – then the Hiring Company shall pay a withdrawal/cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the total Recruitment Fee.